Country: Australia
Health Authority: Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
eCTD, Accepted Since: Late 2014
eCTD Version: Module 1 Specification v3.3, M2-M5 – v3.2.2 and M1-M5 – v4.0

Types of Applications

Market Authorization Applications (MAA)

Process to be followed to make a TGA eCTD submission

  • eCTD submissions will be submitted via electronic media. A future project phase will examine portal requirements.
  • It is envisaged that registered non-prescription medicine submissions can continue to use the eBS portal as is used currently. This will be confirmed in initial testing.

Agency Recommendations

  • Sponsors and applicants are free to use any appropriate software to compile and publish TGA eCTD submissions. The TGA also requires a validation report to be attached to each submission. Submissions must pass the TGA’s validation processes to be accepted.
  • TGA does not recommend any specific eCTD tools. However, there are a number of software vendors in the marketplace.


  • Requires cutting-edge technology and seasoned staff
  • Not all the content is in a standard format. Hence standardization is required
  • Difficult to implement last minute changes
  • Local affiliates have limited access to create or customize
  • Baseline submissions are costly and likely to be of limited value
  • Lifecycle management
  • Consolidated approach to drafting of dossier

How can Freyr help?

  • Guarantee your ROI with an eCTD software that optimizes cost-per-submission
  • Integration with inbuilt eCTD validator and PDF manager, submissions tracker and HA query management tool
  • eCTD software solutions and services from the secure certified cloud, pay-per-use model on usage volume with minimal investment.
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Other Countries

USA, EU, Health Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, EAEU, Jordan, Thailand, GCC, ASEAN


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